Owncloud 0.4 Is Here And It Brings Support For PHP 7 Server Side Programming Language

Owncloud, as the name indicates, is a suite of client-server software that is used for the creation of file hosting services and also using them.

Previously created to be an alternative to the proprietary online storage services like dropbox, Onedrive, and Google Drive, it has since then seen other features integrated into it like the OwnCloud mail services which are a fan favorite, especially among free and open-source enthusiasts.

With the impending release of the mail client’s parent app, Owncloud Server 9.0, Steffen Linder one of the lead developers and his team were tirelessly working to design a new Owncloud mail app that will seamlessly support all the features of the new server release.
Today, after a month and a half’s work, Mr. Linder and his team have released the version 0.4 of Owncloud Mail App and they claimed it comes with support for a new code signing feature.


In a statement that reads “Yesterday, we released the version 0.4 of ownCloud Mail. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from GitHub,” says Steffen Lindner. “Whoever wants to join the Mail app team is welcome, and the best is: you don’t have to be a developer. We need people for translating, testing, etc.” Linder also points out that new code signing feature will allow the app to be compatible with the next generation and possibly groundbreaking PHP 7 server-side programming language.

Owncloud user interface

Other interesting features include a command console where users can easily create mail contacts, an algorithm that supports mail address collection of sent emails for quick access and also auto completion during mail sending. There are some other small noticeable changes that include repositioning the reply button and also completely drops support for the now obsolete Owncloud Server 7.

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