UbuntuBSD Unveiled –To Bring Both The ZFS-file System and Xfce/Unity DE

Ubuntu software developers do seem to take their job pretty seriously with the launch of yet another addition to an already well-received Ubuntu OS. Canonical devs have launched what they are calling ubuntuBSD code named “Escape from SystemD”. The plan is to bring the immense power of the FreeBSD to the Ubuntu user space something first attempted by the then Debian GNU/kFreeBSD which is now defunct.

The successful merger of both programs could be Canonical’s greatest achievement and one that could help propel the Ubuntu OS to great heights. The new incarnation is expected to add “never before seen features” for the OS as both the ZFS-file system and the Xfce desktop environment will be added atop the Ubuntu version 15.10 designated Wily Wolf with the FreeBSD version 10.1 kernel.



Currently hosted on the SourceForge website and distributed as an install only ISO image, the installation process itself isn’t all that intimidating thanks to its multipurpose Debian based text installer despite being targeted to more a veteran Linux user base who are looking for a robust and immersive appeal to their Ubuntu Desktops or Servers.

The most significant feature is the Z file system — or ZFS as it is commonly known — which is a combination of both (LVM) logical volume manager and other file systems with a separate UFS partition for /boot, designed and distributed by MicroSystems.


During installation, you can either choose the lightweight and easy/highly customizable Xfce desktop or the heavyweight Ubuntu Server which is packed with all the necessary tools.
UbuntuBSD is currently in its beta stage and those looking to try it out should expect bugs and an unfinished feel to the software.

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