Ubuntu Mate Showcased On The Raspberry Pi 3 With A Touchscreen Panel

A YouTube Channel called Bird Techstep has recently published a video showcasing what it is like to run Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer. In the video, the user sets up an XX-40-038 A2 external touchscreen display making it possible to interact with Ubuntu Mate OS on the single board mini PC using a pen.

The Porting of Ubuntu Mate to the small computer is made possible by using the Ubuntu Pi flavour maker tool which is developed by Martin Wimpress through the Ubuntu Mate project.

Introduced in December 2015, the tool allows you to port light weight Operating systems like the Ubuntu Mate, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, or even Ubuntu server OSes to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Ubuntu MATE on RPi3

With the arrival of the Raspberry Pi in 2012, seasoned software developers and tech enthusiasts have sorted new avenues to explore and pave the way for  innovative results as showcased in the video.

Things got even better when the Pi foundation upgraded the single board computer with the launch of the Pi3 which for the first time supports Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi (features not found on previous models).

Though it is clear in the video above that using small LCD touch screen display with the Raspberry Pi 3 running the Ubuntu Mate isn’t quite as sexy as using Convergence on a desktop-like setup (possible with the BQ Aquaris M10) but it does give us an up close look at what the Ubuntu Mate experience on a Pi boards is like.

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