Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Update Will Add VPN Support To Canonical’s Mobile OS

Canonical devs responsible for Ubuntu Touch are tirelessly working to bring an unparalleled mobile experience to Ubuntu Touch oriented devices; especially for those that are preparing to preorder the BQ Aquaris M10 or the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition as we get closer to the OTA-10 update date.

We reported earlier that the OTA-10 OS version update is expected to bring significant changes to Canonical’s mobile platform and news has reached our ears via Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical that the new are features — previously not mentioned in the previous report because it was awaiting finalization — will be added to the software update.

Mr. Zemczak said “in addition to the navigation and mail client apps that were mentioned before, users that are updated to OTA-10 will notice an added VPN feature when they navigate to the system settings and additionally, there is support for web apps and better improvements to the indicator (Datetime and the EDS Plugin for Qt PIM module’s Organizer)”.

Ubuntu convergence-1

Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical Foundations went further to add that “Another bit of potentially interesting info for some. We now use a special click-lock mechanism for staging clicks on RC-proposed images that depend on unreleased frameworks. Due to the current click limitations, we cannot publish new click packages if the dependent framework is not yet released in a stable image”

OTA-10 update date.
The new OTA-10 is the first major update coming from the company for its mobile platform but won’t be the last as it is determined to keep them coming as frequently as possible sighting that it wants to use the Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS as a driving force to bring more Ubuntu oriented devices to the masses.
The first Ubuntu tablet BQ Aquaris M10 and Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition will be available for preorder in the coming days in their respective stores.
We will bring you more news regarding the OTA-10 update as soon as we get them so do stay tuned.

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