At The Heels Of The New GNOME Release, Parsix Developers Promised To Launch A New Version Of Their Linux-Based Operating System

Parsix GNU/Linux announced in 2005 is an operating system based on Debian, the developers wanted a to seek a more stable platform with a ready to use and easy to install laptop and desktop optimized operating system. The OS, like Ubuntu always launched with the latest stable release of the GNOME desktop environment and the new testing branch of Debian.

On of the back of the new GNOME upgrade, it was only a matter of time before news broke about a new release for the Parsix GNU/Linux operating system which came this morning via the developer’s Twitter profile. The post confirmed what most expected from any new Parsix release as it states that the new upgrade will ship with newest GNOME 3.20 Desktop environment and Linux Kernel version 4.4.

Parsix GNU/Linux

Developers of the Parsix OS uses the names of characters of the movie “Happy Feet” as code names for every new release of their software with the new version tagged as Erik.
The post didn’t shed much light on what to expect from the version but if the devs follow the same path, we could see apps from open source projects featured in the OS and users can install extra software packages from the provider’s own APT repositories.


Parsix GNU/Linux 8.10 is expected to bring improvements and features not seen on the previous two stable version like the Parsix GNU/Linux 8.5r0 which was codenamed Atticus and was released in February of the year and outdated version 8.0r0a fondly called Mumble.

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