KDE Plasma Desktop Enviroment Version 5.6 Has Been Released

This week is looking rather rosy for all GNU/Linux followers with two of the biggest and widely used desktops environments for the platform and its cousins will be releasing new versions of their software which will soon be available on every distro.
On Tuesday, KDE showcased its new Plasma 5.6 desktop environment which it says is “Jam packed” with new and improved features aimed at enhancing user experiences of its desktop user interface.


The new Plasma 5.6 DE answers some prayers with an updated default which merges with the application colors for a more personalized appearance. Other improvements includes a more refined task-bar with improved task manager — a progress is animated during download and copying files.

Arguably the most notable feature — and possibly most welcomed — of the KDE Plasma 5.6 Desktop Environment is the display of media art and playback controls for supported apps like Linux and Spotify when hovering your mouse over the taskbar button.

There is also a new “Jump List” which makes new managing current running apps and starting new ones easy. The feature allows users to launch applications then immediately “jumping” to the next app allowing for an easier and seamless workflow.


KDE did take great strides on the appearances side of the software with huge refinements of the overall view of the Plasma desktop and the Krunner program — which is optimized to be a smoother and more flexible program — supporting drag and drop features with lost separator lines.

Users can now put a folder applet in their panel and there is also support for back button on a mouse as well as choosing between icon or list view with fixes to the hd-dpi scaling.

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