The New Pear OS Version 9.3 Is Based On Ubuntu 14.04.1 Is Now Avialable For Download

The new Pear OS as many would think, at first sight, isn’t a Linux distribution but an Ubuntu 14.04 OS with a Mac OS X theme and a modified GNOME shell. The first version was the popular GNU/Linux distribution that sent a lot of Linux enthusiasts into a rave because it brought the feel and appearance of Apple’s desktop operating system to the Linux community.

The viva didn’t last long though as the software was later bought by an undisclosed company — who probably dissected the source code into trillions of bits and scattered it across the galaxy — as support for the OS died along with its purchase.

A Portuguese Linux enthusiast took it upon himself to create a clone of the Pear OS through a Linux distro which he upload on the project hosting web site SourceForge a year ago.

Though he received good feedback for trying, the Pear OS replica couldn’t reach the standards set by its predecessor and turn out to be a huge disappointment especially among cult followers of the first Pear Operating system as they were used to using a Linux-based software that has the near perfect look and feel of Apple’s Mac OS X.

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Twelve months later, an updated version of the OS has surfaced and it looks like Rodrigo Marques was pretty hard at work during the past year.

The new distribution is based on Ubuntu’s 14.04.1 Trusty Tahr and it has answered the prayers of many Pear OS followers with a close to perfect Mac OS X feel and appearance to Linux-based Operating system.


PearOS version 9.3 looks neat and well tailored with the Mac OS X theme perfectly sitting on the GNOME shell user interface of a seamlessly integrated GNOME desktop environment.
Download the new PearOS 9.3 here and try it yourself.

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