Canonical On The Verge of Ditching Edubuntu as There Are no Plans to go Beyond Trusty

Ubuntu Education Edition was the former name of the now Edubuntu which is the Ubuntu OS version generally geared towards teachers, students and generally anyone interested in education. The operating system shares most of its qualities with that of the Ubuntu OS but it is refined with a suite of apps that are tailored towards enhancing learning experience for students and making it easier to teach for teachers.

Previously, Canonical used a back to back process of releasing dates by launching a new version of the OS across all platforms every six months. The software developers usually timed their releases to be a month apart from every new GNOME upgrade which is usually a month ahead of the releases, thus, each new version of Ubuntu came with the lastest of both GNOME and

edubuntu For Ubuntu

The launch process was later favoured for the LTS (Long Term Support) which came every two years — giving the engineers enough time to put in all the final touches — rather than following the every six months route.

The release dates are going to be even further apart for the Education version of the Ubuntu Operating systems because Canonical has decided not to go beyond the current version 14.04 though they are moving ahead with the parent Ubuntu Operating system which will be upgraded to version 16.04 in April.


The future is looking rather bleak for Edubuntu because the developers promise continual support for the OS through to April 2019 given its status as an LTS. It doesn’t look like they will go beyond that date if new contributors do not step up to take charge of the Education oriented Ubuntu flavor.

Apparently, users can still continue to use the education suite of apps on other Linux-based OSs or you could try a differently new educational OS some of which are listed on Edubuntu’s website.

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