Apple’s Swift Comes To Ubuntu Linux with The Release of Swift 2.2

Happy day for developers, especially those who use Ubuntu because Apple has decided to bring their development programming language, Swift, to Linux with the release of Swift 2.2.

Developers all over the World know Apple for a lot of things and top on that list is “locking down” their code. To program in Swift one will need to be using Apple’s OSX, but seeing the rapid growth of iOS and OS X applications, Apple has decided to make Swift open source.

This decision will take effect as soon as Swift version 2.2 is released, and at the moment, it supports Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and 15.10.

In the announcement Apple stated that the Linux port is new and the Swift release for Linux and will, therefore, exclude the Swift Core Libraries when they are ported later in Swift 3, but that, notwithstanding, REPL and LLDB are included in the current support. REPL is the language shell and LLDB being LLVM project’s debugger, is functional in Xcode.

We think this is great news for the open source programming language because even though Swift 2.2 is a minor release, it includes contributions from over 200 developers who are not Apple developers.

What do you think about Swift 2.2 coming to Linux? Are you a Swift developer? Do you have any plans of joining the developer team? Let us know in the comment section. Could Apple be following the example pf their arch rival, the Redmond Giant is setting? We will have to wait and see.

Stick to Ubuntu Next for more updates.

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