Have Ubuntu Take Care of Your Updates by Automatically Downloading And Installing Them

If you are a die-hard Ubuntu user, popped up update notification messages are familiar sight because the OS regularly checks for security updates on a daily basis, though other updates that are not security updates are checked at something close to a weekly basis, both display messages notifying the users on what updates are available and if he wants to install them now.

In almost every instance, users tend to click on the install now button because they want to have latest security updates on their PCs.


There is even an easier way to download and install updates without the interference of users by Enabling the Automatic System Updates.
In this tutorial, We are going to walk you through on how to Enable Automatic System updates on your Ubuntu-based PC.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Unity Dash, then look for Software & Updates.

Unity Dashboard

After doing that, it should take you to the Software Sources Settings then click on the Updates tab.


Now you will see by default that the behaviors of checking for updates and what to do when they are found are set to “Daily Check For Updates” and “Display Immediately” respectively, meaning updates will be checked every day and the user will be notified at the very instant that they are found.


To change the settings to automatically check for updates, download them and instantly install them without the user’s input, all you need to do is change the option “Where There Are Security Updates” from “Display Immediately” to “ Download and Install Automatically”


Would you still want to reserve the right to install the updates yourself or would you prefer to have them downloaded and installed automatically? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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