Introducing VoCore: A Cheap Hardware Running OpenWRT

VoCoreis an open source functional mini computer board that runs OpenWrt on top of Linux. It is a standalone device that comes with a Dock (to extend USB) and ethernet ports with which you can invent a new device, build a motherboard, fork your personal Wi-Fi router and make smart home automation systems. It is smaller than all the popular single computers like OrangePi, Rasberry Pi and others and is ideal for administrators.

Check out VoCore Linux Computer specifications below:
As small as VoCore is, it is powered by an 8MB SPI Flash and a 32MB SDRAM, and also provides many interfaces like 10/100M Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, I2S, PCM, JTAG and over 20 GPIOs.

It makes available to you a lot of interfaces like 10/100M Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, I2S, PCM, JTAG and more than 20 GPIOs.

  • OpenWRT Linux
  • Onboard Wi-Fi adapter
  • Integrates an 802.11n MAC, baseband, radio, FEM & 5-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch
  • Processor: Ralink/Mediatek 360 MHz RT5350 MIPS

For the geeks, see the VoCore’s pin map:

An open source software and hardware of VoCore means that you will also get its full hardware design and source code. This will allow you to control every part of this tiny Linux computer.

If you had software that is different from that which came with VoCore and is open source, you will be able to get its full hardware design and code. Every aspect of your Linux system will be at your mercy.

If you are interested in grabbing one for yourself  then head over to their website on VoCore Linux computer.

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