Use Your Linux Terminal to Play the Multiplayer Tron Arcade Game

Gaming in Linux might not feel the same for native Windows users but it sure has the advantage of an excellent terminal experience.

Terminal games are unique to Linux based OSs as they are played using the Linux terminal (command line). Terminal games are mostly in ASCII display, unlike the common game displays we see around.

ASCII display in the terminal certainly sounds like some geeky feature that programmers take advantage of but you will be surprised how many arcade games you can play using ASCII format in the terminal without any glitches or environment bugs.

The GIF below is a good example and it shows an unusual way of playing the arcade Tron game in the Linux terminal. Even better? It is in multiplayer mode using SSH (secure shell).

Playing the famous Snake game is, even more, fun except that you can not have a multiplayer mode. anyway, if you will like to play the Tron game read on for instructions.


  • Any Linux system of your choice
  • A good enough internet connection


  • Open your Linux terminal and type


Tron Game Linux Terminal

Your computer will request that you add an RSA key to known hosts, type yes and press enter.

This is what will show up next:

Linux Game

Game Tips:

Before you know, the game will open and you can begin playing. However, let us give you a few tips to help you have a satisfying gameplay.

  • The color displayed at the top and on the border of your screen is yours. In the screenshot above, for example, our color is purple.
  • You must use the WASD keys on your keyboard for navigation. Do not use the arrow keys because that will close the connection.
  • Do not stay idle for more than a minute because if you do your SSH session will be automatically closed.
  • Your score won’t be calculated if there aren’t any other players online but you will be able to play still.

And that’s all you need to enjoy the game of Tron in your Linux terminal. If you enjoy this enough we will probably put up more instructions for other games, so let us know about your experience in the comments section and don’t forget to stay tuned to UBN.

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