Ubuntu’s Bash is Coming to Windows 10

Microsoft kicked off its BUILD 2016 developer conference (an annual news event for Microsoft fans each year) on the 30th of March.

At the event, Microsoft announced that they will be working with Canonical to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10.

The functionality of Ubuntu being on Windows will reportedly not be limited to only running the famous bash shell on Windows but will also allow users to run Windows and Ubuntu simultaneously,

Providing a whole new dual booting experience especially for users tired of running virtual machines. In other words, Ubuntu will be native as it will be an integrated part of Windows 10.

ubuntu linux comes to windows 10

We know that Microsoft introduced the Linux subsystem in a new Windows 10 Redstone build but no further details have been made available as to how the project will go. We suspect that Ubuntu will run on top of a foundation of Windows libraries that will be native to the Windows OS.

We hope Linux fans don’t get their hopes too high because this project of combining Ubuntu and Windows 10 is aimed at developers and not desktop and it entirely relies on Bash and CLI tools like gawk, grep and make.

ZDNet said with regards to this partnership – “So is this MS-Linux? No. Is it a major step forward in the integration of Windows and Linux on the developer desktop? Yes, yes it is.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft and Canonical will be working together as they have been since the summer of 2015 like when they partnered to help developers write programs for Ubuntu on the Azure cloud so we will definitely hear more about projects like this in the future.

Are you an average desktop user or are you familiar with Bash and CLI tools? Perhaps, we will eventually get to see Unity incorporated in the project?. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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