List of the Top 10 Amazing Features Found in GNOME 3.20 Delhi

Linux-based operating systems provide flexibility to change the user interface with the help of different desktop environments.

Users of Linux-based OSs enjoy a lot of flexibility with their systems and one such example is with regards to desktop experience. Users are at liberty to switch to other desktop environments like KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon etc if they don’t like Unity, sometimes they can even have multiple environments to use at system startup.

GNOME is arguably the most popular desktop environment after Unity given its popularity on Fedora, openSUSE, RHEL, Ubuntu and other platforms and the GNOME Project recently announced the next major release of the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment which comes with 28,933 changes as a result of six months of hard work done by about 870 contributors.

In order to recognize this year’s GNOME Asia team, GNOME 3.20 is named ‘Delhi’ and below are the top 10 features available in the latest release.

Top 10 Features of the New GNOME 3.20 Delhi

#1. Easy OS Upgrades:

cool features in gnome delhi
Not that upgrading the OS on your PC was a pain in the neck before now, but the new feature in GNOME Delhi makes it easier to upgrade your Linux distribution as you’ll be shown a notification if an upgrade is available.

 #2. An Enhanced Web Browser:

enhanced web browsing in gnome delhi
New features like downloads showing from an easily accessible header bar as a popover, making it possible to easily keep track of downloads and a “restore session” feature. Other important updates include:

  • The cookies dialog now supports search
  • New tabs carry forward the browsing history when opened from a link
  • Improved feedback while visiting non-HTTPS websites
  • Now we have support for advanced web-based graphics and audio with Web Audio and WebGL.

#3. Simplified Photo Editing

photo editing simplified in gnome delhiGNOME 3.20 has newer editing tools that are simplistic and easy-to-use. All changes can be undone and editing features which include rotate, crop, color and picture enhancement, some artistic filters etc have been made non-destructive. You can also generate copies for sharing, printing, and other purposes if you wish.

#4. Shortcut Windows Feature:

shortcut windows feature in gnome delhi

There is now a new Shortcut Windows feature that will present you with the list of keyboard shortcuts and gestures for an application.Think of it as a model sheet that tells you about all the supported keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, pressing Ctrl+? in a supported application will cause a window to pop up containing all the shortcuts and their little descriptions. Many GNOME apps like Maps, Nautilus, Photos, Polari, and Videos support the Shortcut Windows feature.

#5. Upgraded Polari IRC Client:

Upgraded Polari IRC Client in GNOME delhiGnome’s online paste application — Polaris, has received several improvements. Apart from being able to paste blocks of shareable text, you can now directly paste images in the chats. Also:

  • Polari IRC client can now handle server passwords
  • Status message handling has been made smarter
  • The overall UI and UX have been improved with new text animations
  • You can now use Polari’s shortcut window to see more keyboard shortcuts

#6. Improved Files Application:

improved files application in gnome delhi

The Files application has been improved by revamping the search filters making them easier to use compared to the previous version.The preference dialog has also been improved upon, making it more compact and yet, easier to understand. It comes with new settings for showing permanent delete and create symbolic link actions. Smaller improvements include extra zoom level, showing available and remaining drive space in the other places view and bigger thumbnails.

#7. Improved Maps and Calender:

improved calendar in gnome delhi

Maps in GNOME Delhi now has the ability to add and edit OpenStreet Map data and import custom layers which allow additional map layers to be added using mapping file formats like KML, GeoJSON and GPX. Maps can also be used to generate images in .PNG format. Some other important improvements to Maps are:

  • Map will store history and open with the last viewed location
  • Locations with ‘geo:’ prefix can now be opened in the app
  • A new ruler scale is shown on the map and directions now include information about roundabouts

Scheduling appointments and events has also been made easier with a Quick Add pop-over. There’s better support for custom calendar colors and a new look ‘year’ view.

#8. Access Music Player Easily:

easy music access in gnome delhi

This is our personal new favorite feature yet because the media controls are now built-in and are displayed in the notification area, allowing quick access to the media applications in use. You can see the song and artist names and pause/play music from the notification area. This feature is supported by Clementine, Spotify, Rhythmbox, and VLC because it uses the common MPRIS standard which is used by most Linux media players.

#9. Wayland Availability:

Wayland is the next generation technology for input and display in GNU/Linux. It brings along numerous improvements like eliminating graphics glitches, solving long-standing bugs, bringing multitouch touchpad gestures, and making more secure applications.It’s still a work in progress and some features that have been completed for GNOME 3.20 are — kinetic scrolling, application startup notification, drag-and-drop, middle-click paste etc. To try out Wayland, select GNOME on Wayland from gear menu in login screen.

#10. Other important features in GNOME 3.20:

  • Keyword keys for airplane mode, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi now work
  • MAC address of your computer is now randomly masked to prevent tracking
  • You can now list Documents by author, name, or date
  • After creating a virtual machine, the machine creates a snapshot that helps it to get back to the original state
  • There’s an option to allow the battery charge percentage shown in the top bar
  • An improved font for the User Interface

That sums up our list of Top 10 new features present in GNOME 3.20 Delhi, we hope you enjoyed reading. Let us know your thoughts on the above new features and don’t forget to mention any important new features you think we skipped.

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