Unity 7 Users On Ubuntu 16.04 Can Now Try Out a Preview of Unity 8

With the date for the final release of Canonical’s long awaited Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xenias, the company is already putting together the new build of its Unity Desktop environment.
Unity 8 isn’t the default desktop environment for Ubuntu 16.04 as it is still in its developmental phase, but a video has surfaced showing what users should expect from the upcoming Unity desktop environment.

Judging from the sliding and sweeping functionalities added to the Unity 8 desktop environment, it is refreshing to see the software company is making huge refinements to the highly anticipated “Convergence” which is said to provide users with a full-on desktop experience on their Tablet devices with its desktop (Windowed) mode and “Staged” (fullscreen/non-windowed) mode.

For those on the daily builds of Xenial Xerus and eager to try it out the bleeding edge Unity 8 alongside the Unity 7 made possible through a secure Linux container that Canonical added to their upcoming operating system.
To install, open a terminal and use these commands:

sudo apt install unity8-lxc

After the installation process is completed, run the Unity8-LXCsetup wizard, its main purpose is to configure the container and installs Unity 8 meta packages, apps, and other relevant dependencies.
Start up the wizard by using these commands in a terminal:

sudo unity8-lxc-setup
It is advisable to pay attention to the terminal during the configuration process possibly keeping an eye out for unexpected errors or auth prompts.
After the configuration process is finished, restart your computer and from the login menu, select the Unity 8 session.
As we have mentioned before, the program isn’t ready for productivity use, therefore, users should expect to see bugs and it is also important to mention that the software updater for the program doesn’t at the moment support automatic updates. Updates can only be done manually using these commands:

sudo unity8-lxc-setup –update-lxc

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