How To Use Unix Command Lines On Windows Using Cash

For those that can’t let go of Windows but love Linux and other Linux-based distributions for the wonderful operating systems they are or just Linux fanatic that likes to play with commands from the Debian based OS in Windows.

You will find yourself using Git Bash or Cygwin on Windows punching in Linux commands but there is a player entering the field, though not top notch — as the Windows command line implementer is still in development — it offers a unique way for users to use Unix Shell commands on Windows.

Cash as it being called is an open source utility that allows for the cross-platform implementation of Unix shell commands written in JavaScript.


Cash gives users the ability to run a “set of Unix commands” in any terminal emulator like command prompt on windows.
Cash is currently limited to a set of commands though the list is expected to bigger in time as more commands are said to be added in the future.
Their supported commands at the moment are:

  • alias
  • cat
  • clear
  • cd
  • cp
  • echo
  • export
  • false
  • grep
  • head
  • kill
  • less
  • ls
  • mkdir
  • mv
  • pwd
  • rm
  • sort
  • source
  • tail
  • touch
  • true
  • Unalias

Installing Cash requires users to have Node.js since the program is based on JavaScript. After the getting the Node.js, there are three modes that users can select to install Cash.
1. Using Cash Programmatically: This requires users to run a command “cash” which will take them to interactive mode where they can put in their Linux-based commands.
  2. Using Cash Globally: With this option, users are not required to run the command “Cash” as the preloaded Unix commands can be accessed and used.
3. Install Selective commands: Here, users can choose to install the commands they think they are going to need without having to use all of them.


If you want to install Cash Globally — where all the commands are available to you to use — then open command prompt/cmd, then use this command line to install Cash Globally:

npm install cash-global -g

Users should keep in mind that Cash is still in development and chances are that they might run into some bugs while using it. Though they can help speed up development by reporting these bugs to the developers on their GitHub page or even have a say in what commands you would like added in the future.

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