Date Confimed By Canonical For Its Upcoming Major OTA-10 Update

If you have been following the articles we covered regarding the major Ubuntu Mobile update which was reported to hit all compatible devices in the first week of April, you will realize that though we have covered almost all the great features that the said update will supposedly bring but the only thing missing was a concrete date.

Today, through a post on the mailing list of the Ubuntu mobile Luskasz Zemczak posted the following message: “Good news today. So far OTA-10 seems to be on schedule, with an estimated date of release planned for the 6th of April – so Wednesday this week,”

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The news is indeed exciting especially for the those that have placed their orders for the BQ Aquaris M10 and Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Editions and it goes to show how Canonical is a keeper of promises and committed to its Mobile platform.

The update will not only fix bugs and other core improvements but will also bring additional features like VPN, navigations, mail client and many more.

According to Mr. Zemczak, this will be Canonical’s biggest update yet and promises that it will be bringing bigger improvements than previously anticipated giving huge boost to core apps and system performance.

The Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 is expected to be available today, 6th of April with all devices getting it within a 24-hour period.


Canonical will be hoping that its mobile OS will one day muster enough punch to compete with both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS as the software company tirelessly continues to reposition itself in the global software business.

It is still early days though and there are only a handful of brands sporting Ubuntu Touch right now but things are looking marvelous at the moment and the expectation is that more and bigger brand names will feature the software in their devices in the coming years.

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