“Ubuntu is Everywhere” According to a New Infograph Released By Canonical

Canonical devs responsible for the Xenial Xerus Operating system must be gloating right now and who are we to blame them? Things are going really well for the makers of Ubuntu. One of the world’s most renowned GNU/Linux operating systems.

To celebrate the impending Ubuntu 16.04 stable release, a member of Canonical’s Ubuntu product and strategy team Mr. Mark Shuttleworth posted a blog entitled “How many people use Ubuntu in the word? More than anyone actually knows!” Which is accompanied by an infographic detailing all the big and small places that Canonical’s marque operating system is being used.


“To celebrate our upcoming 16.04 LTS we wanted to shine a bit of light on how many people in the world actually use Ubuntu,” said Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Canonical. “The reality is, hundreds of millions of PCs, servers, devices, virtual machines, and containers have booted Ubuntu to date and are in use!”


The truth is nobody really needs an infographic to determined how well received Canonical’s operating system has been but according to its details, there has been 60 million Ubuntu images launched by Docker users, 20 million launched instances during the 2015 period of public and private clouds, and over 14 million vagrant images of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS from HashiCorp,2 million new cloud instances of the Ubuntu cloud services launched in November 2015.

Ubuntu is also featured in several big nameservers like Google, Reddit, Paypal,Uber cars, Tesla Motors, Dropbox, Netflix, even in the international space station. Ubuntu is found in the world’s largest supercomputers and also on planet Mars,– used to control a rover studying the Martian planet.

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