WebTorrent Is An Open Source Bittorrent Client That Allows You to Stream Contents Directly From The Internet

Bittorrents clients are computer applications that utilize the peer to peer protocol for file sharing over the internet. Used by millions of people per day worldwide to stream and download files of all sorts while being anonymous online.

There is already a populated list of BitTorrent client providers like Utorrent, Vuze, qBitTorrent and much more some of which are available across all platforms but there is a new player that is vying to make a mark called and its called WebTorrent desktop.

Available for the major desktop platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows) WebTorrent sports a simple and very basic user interface but it does allow users to paste magnet links or drag and rop torrent files which instantly starts streaming.

GitHub feross webtorrent cli WebTorrent the streaming torrent client. For the command line.

Like other clients which offer users with a torrent database, this app doesn’t and the main UI only shows four sections on the home screen which, with continuous use are populated with the torrents you add. Additionally, there is an area reserved for magnet links and dropped torrent files which can either be a video or audio as the application at the moment can handle both.


The application handles downloads by locating peers through Distributed Hash Tables, Peer exchange servers and peer tracker servers.


WebTorrent is met with a positive reception due to its ability not only to stream torrent files to your computer but also to external devices like a Chromecast, AirPlay, and others.

GitHub feross webtorrent cli WebTorrent the streaming torrent client. For the command line.

Few of the shortcomings of the application is its inability to support subtitles and also external video players like VLC. Such flaws are expected as the application is still in its Beta stage and improvements will surely be added if the positive receptions continue to ramp up.

For those that want a little more kick, you can use the command line webTorrent-cl version which doesn’t support subtitles but will allow users to use external media players. This version doesn’t have binaries to download so anyone interested needs to compile it on their own.

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