Fourth Beta build of The UbuntuBSD 15.10 Released With Bug Fixes and New Improvements

Development on UbuntuBSD is keeping up pace as the developers of the software today announced the release of the fourth beta build of UbuntuBSD 15.10 is now available for download.

The announcement was made via Twitter where the developers state that they have made numerous bug fixes and also added the Xfe free and open source software as the UbuntuBSD’s default file manager.

For the curious folks who want to try out the file manager, you can do so by running the “sudo apt-get install xfe” in the terminal giving them access to the official repository of the project and it will also install the latest security patches — those who haven’t tried out any of the build releases should download iSO image.


The UbuntuBSD project is looking to try something new and instead of using the Unity desktop environment — which is a nightmare to configure on Arch or BSD. Since the software will not be using the Linux kernel — the developers opted for the Xfce desktop environment instead.

This could be a bit of a turnoff for those that prefer the Unity desktop environment but the operating system is a work in progress and things could change for the better as more refinements are made.

Using the FreeBSD kernel means that users will have access to the Z file and ZFS file systems which is a combination of file systems and logical volume manager.
There are already two variations of the operating systems and users can choose the lightweight or the full desktop OS.

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