Chakra GNU/Linux Gets Updated KDE Software

Chakra is GNU/Linux distribution that is exclusively based off the Arch Linux with attention centred around the latest releases of KDE software.

Chakra has its roots from the era of KDEmod packaging project in 2006 aimed at simplifying the KDE installation with Arch Linux.

After several releases of Arch+KDE+Tribe preconfigured ISOs, it was decided by the project leader to split — though not completely — and to focus on a better integration with KDE software giving birth to the independent Chakra GNU/Linux operating system we have today.

The OS offers both free and paid applications through the paid versions can be disabled during installation, Chakra was well received in the Linux community.


With the release of KDE Plasma 5.6.2 desktop environment and KDE frameworks version 5.21.0, it was only a matter of time before the maintainers of the OS added it to their software repository making today’s announcement from chief maintainer, Mr. Neofytos Kolokotronis as he stated to the delight of every Chakra users that both KDE programs are currently being added to the repos of Chakra GNU/Linux.

“The latest updates for KDE’s Plasma and Frameworks series are now available to all Chakra users most of our mirrors take 12-24h to synchronize, after which it should be safe to upgrade.” Said Neofytos Kolokotronis during today’s announcement.


Additionally, users can update both Libreoffice and Steam for Linux to versions 5.1.2 and respectively.
It is important to point out that Chakra uses a half roll out method for core apps — meaning they do not receive schedule updates as they are frozen and only unfrozen when the need to add bug fixes and security updates arises — but other noncore packages receive updates using a “rolling release model”

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