You Can Now Change The Icons For Both GIMP And Inkscape To Adobe Creative Suite-Esque Icons

GIMP is a free and open source program that comes preloaded in the Ubuntu repository. It is a photo editing app that users can use to retouch, resize, crop and many other tasks found on almost every other photo editing application.

Like Linux, the creation of GIMP began as a school project of two university students and has later expanded to what we have to today available not only on Linux distros but on Mac OS and Windows.

Through the use of scripting interface, the software can be expanded to accommodate additional features through extensions and plugins which can improve its capability and add more functionalities.

GIMP Photo Editor

As the software is released under the GPLv3+ licensed, it can be freely distributed by anyone and the source code is freely available to anyone who can modify it to add improvements and fix problems.


The default appearance of GIMP is by all means very nice with what appears to be a coyote chewing on a paintbrush, but for those that would like to have the appearance change to something different like an Adobe Creative suite style icon, a Deviantart user named RohitAwate has created an addon that makes it possible to not just change the icon for GIMP to one that resembles icons from Adobe for its suite but also for Inkscape.

Inkscape like GIMP is also based off an open source project but focuses more on vector graphics and the creation of logos and more complex designs.

Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

This what the icon developer said is the reason why he wanted to create Adobe style icons for Inkscape and GIMP:

“I loved Adobe’s icons for Photoshop and their other apps and wanted similar ones for GIMP/Inkscape. But after a long and fruitless search, I just decided to make them on my own. Thought I would share them with you!”

Download here

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