The Next Version of Xfce Desktop Environment to Use The New GTK+3x Toolkit

Xfce is a free and open-source desktop environment for platforms based off Unix and its also the default desktop environment for numerous operating systems utilizing the Linux Kernel and few examples are Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and much more.
During its early days, the DE was a Linux version of the CDE (Common desktop environment) and uses a proprietary packaging but later released as a free and open source program.
After several years of the development, the developers decided to distant themselves from CDE, and the program was renamed which stood for XForms desktop environment — derived from the XForms toolkit being used to write the software.

The developers have been continuously working on a new successor to the current version of the software is Xfce 4.12 which was released over a year ago.
With an announcement today, that reads “The long road to Xfce 4.14. I hope you still want some news about Xfce! As usual, the Xfce development is slow, has some organization problems, and lack “core” maintainers/mentors. But hey, we do our best, the bigger change for 4.14 is the port / upgrade to GTK+ 3.x.

As the previous version of the desktop environment uses the GTK+ 2 toolkit, the new version of the software will be completely written using the new GTK+ 3.x toolkit for creating the graphical user interfaces.
Most of the core apps like the Xfce power manager, Xfce4-panel, Xfce4-session, libxfceui, Xfce4-notifyd and Xfce4-Appfinder will be getting a complete system revamp including all the important plugins.
Other important changes that we will see is the gbus-dlib library will be dropped in favor of a new better GDbus.
Widgets that are deprecated are also expected to be replaced by a new naming system for app components will be implemented.
There is no actual date as to when the software will be available for download but we will be on the lookout for any news.

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