Gnome 3.20 Desktop Environment Now Available to Arch Linux Users

iF you can recall, we recently covered extensively the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment which was released A few weeks ago and has received a wide acceptance across the internet because GNOME is undoubtedly one of the best Linux-based desktop environments available.

The new Gnome 3.20 brought forth huge improvements, some of which included core app upgrades including the ability to update an OS via the GNOME software center.

The GNOME on Wayland session got numerous essential changes too in GNOME 3.20, among which is the ability to drag and drop items, middle click paste, and kinetic scrolling. All GNOME apps also received keyboard shortcuts and gesture overlay.


Some GNU/Linux distributions are already gearing to release their next versions with the Gnome 3.20 desktop environment. Some of which are Fedora 24 Alpha and Parsix 8.10 both of which are expected later this year. While some others are lucky enough to have the latest builds by updating their current versions, case in point, openSUSE Tumbleweed.

These are exciting times for Arch Linux users, as of this moment, the packages of Gnome 3.20 has started arriving in the main software repositories. Users can upgrade using their respective package managers or can use the terminal upgrade instead with this command “sudo pacman – Syu” to enjoy the best of GNOME yet.
Interestingly, the desktop environment will also be getting its first package update in the coming days and we advise that you update your system as soon as possible!

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