No Convergence For the MX4 According To Canonical

When Canonical first announced its “Convergence” which is equivalent to Microsoft’s Continuum, the technology which will first be featured on the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition and will give users the ability to use their device both as a portable tablet and full blown desktop computer it created the much-needed hype for the device and future devices that will ship with its Ubuntu Touch OS.

The software will be a bridge between hardware and software giving users the ability to seamlessly move between tablet and desktop positions without having to sacrifice the “User experience” to accommodate the change.

The BQ Aquaris M10 is the first device to feature the said technology but it certainly isn’t going to be the last as Canonical hopes that all devices running its Marque operating system will only have to connect a keyboard and mouse to become a fully operational desktop machine.


Phones like the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and MX4 which both run on the Ubuntu Touch OS were hoping to have a feel of “Convergence” which can allow the phone’s screen to be projected to an exterior monitor though this can’t be achieved through cable connections for MX4 as the phone doesn’t have support for HDMI or MHL connections at the hardware level meaning users of the device were banking their hopes on cable-free technologies like Miracast which uses the phone’s Wifi connection to output the handset’s display on a bigger screen.

Ubuntu Touch
Canonical are actively working on bringing wireless display technology to the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition but the company said no such support will come to the MX4.
“Unfortunately, we have no plans at this time, as canonical, to ship wireless display support for the MX4. At the moment, our prototype requires an Android 5 BSP, and we don’t have one of those for the MX4.” Was the statement from John McAleely who responded to an MX4 owner after the user asked if any kind of Convergence like technologies is in works for the MX4.

Ubuntu Touch
The device itself is a viable candidate for Convergence as it comes with 2GB or RAM and an 8 core ARM processor but the problem isn’t on the hardware side as pointed out by John McAleely but on the Android software side of the phone as the source code isn’t available to the public.
Another Canonical dev reserved hope for the device as he mentioned that “back porting the MediaCodecSource to an Android 4.x tree is the first step” in bringing the wireless display technology to the MX4 and this he hopes will be taken up by the community.

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