Kernel 4.6 RC 4 Now Available; Final Release Due in Three Weeks

Followers of Linux are always on the lookout for news from the conceiver of the world’s best free and open-source operating system.The Linux kernel development team have been hard at work on the upcoming Kernel 4.6 and they’ve recently announced the availability of Release Candidate (RC) 4.
By the looks of things, it would appear that Mr Torvalds didn’t shake things up that much when compared to the RC3 released not long ago and this claim is evident in the announcement he made which states, “It’s been a fairly calm week, and rc4 is not all that big. Nor is there anything particularly scary in there.So there really isn’t anything particularly interesting here. Just like I like it in the RC series. Let’s hope it stays that way.”

Linux Kernel

He later went on to shed light on the details of the Linux mechanics that will be affected in a positive way with the new update.

He continued with the words “Changes all over the tree, with drivers (40%) and architecture fixes (30%) being the bulk of it. The rest is scattered all over, but it’s all pretty small. In fact, the “VM fixes” show up as 5+% of the patch, but that’s literally just because we got rid of the conversion-time hack to have a couple of different calling conventions for get_user_pages()”.So there really isn’t anything particularly interesting here. Just like it is with RC series. Let’s hope it stays that way” he concluded.

Linux Kernel
This is great news for anyone who digs Linux as it means that we are going to see some groundbreaking improvements on the Kernel when it reaches its final form due in two to three weeks time.
Those looking to take the Kernel RC4 for a test drive can do so by downloading it from the website.

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