Opera Version 37 to Come With a Pop Out Video Feature

The developers behind one of the world’s leading web browsers Opera are looking to stay ahead of the competition by cramping the new update of their famous browser with a long list of innovative features.
As it turns out, Opera will be the first company to add an ad blocking feature to their browser — something that will surely cause a few frowns and possibly create new enemies in the process as many websites generate revenue through ads.
News today has created a better reception than reports of the ad-blocking feature as it is generally centered towards creating a better multitasking environment for those that enjoy using the cross-platform web browser.

Opera Version 37 to Come With a Pop out video Feature
Opera’s devs have reported today that version 37 of the software will come with an additional feature previously not mentioned in earlier reports and they are calling it “video popout”.
“Today’s beta update is an extra special one, because we have, a surprise, brand-new feature for you to try. This is an exceptional situation since the feature skipped developer, landing straight into beta. In this case, we just couldn’t wait to show it to you, so we’ve shortened our usual development cycle” reported Aneta Reluga,who is part of the Desktop QA Team at Opera Software.

Opera Version 37 to Come With a Pop out video Feature
The feature is basically an additional button that will be visible on supported video streaming sites like YouTube which allows users to momentarily pop out resizable videos they are watching onto the desktop outside the browser. The video can be moved to any part of the display. The only downside to this is if the user navigates from the source of the video, the pop out will close as well.

Opera Version 37 to Come With a Pop out video Feature
This is expected to change allowing users to still access the pop out video even though they have navigated from the source the both the browser and its features are in their beta stages of development.

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