Oracle Virtual Box Updated Again to Accommodate Upcoming Kernel 4.6

Oracle virtualbox is a hypervisor program that can mimic and run an operating system atop another operating system where they both share certain hardware mechanisms simultaneously.
The program has been around for a while, though initially created under a proprietary license by Innotek GmbH who sold it to another software company called Microsystems in 2008, it was later sold to Oracle in 2010 who decided to release it under the free and open source program.

Oracle VirtualBox

Oracle Corporation recently released an upgraded version (5.0.16) of the software in March but with news yesterday that Kernel version 4.6 is entering its final stages of development with release candidate 4 launched, it is only logical that the company updated their software to keep up the pace with Linux.

Oracle released VirtualBox version 5.0.18 today with support for Linux Kernel 4.6 and improved performance for the Kernel 4.5, miniature bug fixes and few changes to the Graphical user interface.

Oracle VirtualBox

Running VirtualBox on a Windows host is made better as we see the return of Jumbo frames with bridged networking including hardening fixes for the Windows 10 insider build.
Additionally, there is a better support for PC speaker pass through when running Linux in the virtual box, a new naming scheme for the NVMe disks for Linux host, improved drag and drop support and Linux Kernel graphics driver support.
Furthermore, the software is now better optimized to handle encrypted disk images with SCSI controllers.
Bugs reported on the version 5.0.16 of the software are also taken care of in the update with better emphasis put on performance.

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