Track Where People Are With This GNOME Shell Extension

One of the biggest challenges of being part of an open project is having to know where and when your team members are or are going to be. Know what time zone a team is in and at what place can help speed up the project by making it easier to share and retrieve information.

A new Gnome Shell extension is looking to remedy this problem and it’s inspired by

Timezone is freely available in the GNOME shell and when installed, it sits beautifully with clock face icon on the desktop menu bar.

When users want to know where and when team members are, a single click on the clock face icon displays a feature rich dashboard with information of who is where and at what time.
The benefits of this add-on don’t only stop at trying to figure out where your colleagues are and at what time zone but it can also be used to seeing your online gaming buddies, track family who lives abroad or is travelling, and sees your forum friends.

A new update has landed for the ad-on allowing it fetch information like name, city and avatar from sites like Github and there is additional support for Gravatar and Libravatar.


There is also a new additional feature that lets users modify the ~people.json file to manually specify a place as it is where the extension loads its data from. The usage of the file is limitless as your can load a shared version from a remote server, this makes it possible for team members to stay in sync with each other.

The ad-on is available for GNOME 3.16, 3.18 and the latest 3.20; users can have installed by using either Mozilla Firefox or the Gnome Web.

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