Can’t Upload Pictures on Imgur? Take Screenshots instead

Imgur is an online picture sharing community and recently the Shutter upload plugin mysteriously stopped working. Working to figure out an alternative of uploading pictures to the website has landed us a really nice method called the Imgur Screenshot which can use a Bash script to upload screenshots to the website.
That is not the end of it as the Imgur screenshot comes with a handful of handy features that includes:

  • Automatically copies Imgur link to clipboard;
  • Allows editing the image (by using an external image editing app) before uploading;
  • Upload images anonymously or to an Imgur account;
  • Can create and add images to Imgur albums;
  • Uploaded images can be set to be deleted automatically after a configurable number of seconds;
    Highly configurable.

The Imgur screenshot doesn’t only upload screenshots taken by the app on the website, you can use it to upload any other image you want to with little or no exceptions.
To top things off, the app plays well with other screenshot softwares that you might have installed in your system.

There are two simple steps you need to take to start enjoying the full function of the programm.
Introduce and utilise Imgur-screenshot

1. Download Imgur-screenshot

2. Install Imgur-Screenshot

To introduce the script in/usr/local/bin/place the downloaded “” file into your home index and run the following commands:
sudo install /usr/local/bin/imgur-screenshot
The script can auto update itself when an update is available but if you prefer to the run the update manually, use this command
sudo imgur-screenshot –update
sudo chmod 775 /usr/local/bin/imgur-screenshot
3. Install the Imgur-Screenshot dependencies
The app heavily relies on libnotify-bin, scrot, xclip, curl and grep. To install them, use the following command:
sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin scrot xclip curl grep

Use this command to check for status of each dependency:

Imgur-screenshot –check

The run the programme simply use this command in the terminal:
Now you can select the area or section you want to have taken a screen shot after the screenshot is taken, the programme automatically opens a window in your web browser with the link of the screenshot you have just taken. The link image is also displayed in the command output with a delete link.

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