Catch Weather Info Without Installing Any App On Your Linux Based PC

If you have been around in the Linux world – which obliviously is the most adventurously platform ever conceived – you will know that the terminal provides unlimited ways to search, run, and install programmes.
There is client weather app that users can run through the terminal without installing anything other than Curl. The app is called which is a web frontend for wego.
At the first instance when you run the app, it automatically tries to determine your location without having the user do much but if the first instant fails, it lets you filter the search by specifying your location in multiple ways.

The search can be made by Zip code, city name or three letter airport code, the programme goes as far as using a domain IP address to predict the weather.

wttrin-weather-terminal uses the WorldWeatherOnline to rally data although this might change as the platform on which it is based on Wego has recently switched to as its default source.

Additional features include a three-day weather forecast, support for both metric which is SI used globally except US and USCS which is used in the United States. There is also support for the display of Moon phases.

To run the weather app, the only thing needed to be installed is Curl Which all Linux-based operating system users can install using the following command:
sudo apt-get install curl

Linux Kernel
After instaling Curl, the next step is actually very simple, all you need to do is run this command to get the weather information for your current location:


If for some reason the app fails to identify your current location, therefore, unable to give you a weather data, you will be prompted to do following. First, you specify your location by street name, 3 letter airport code, Zip code, IP address or Domain name.
Here are few sets of examples. For city names that have spaces between words, you can either write the names separated by an underscore or in quotes… eg. Both newyork and new_york should work.
To get information for weather report in Banjul capital city of the Gambia, use this code:

For Paris

And so on

If you want to use alternative ways to search. For example using a Zip code


To retrieve the weather using metric or USCS units, simply append “?m” or “?u” to the command (without the quotes). For instance, to force metric (SI) units to get weather information for Chicago, you would use:


Here is an example of what the return data looks:

$ curl

$ curl # current location
$ curl # weather in the Munic airport

Supported location types:

/paris # city name
/muc # airport code (3 letters)
/ # domain name
/94107 # area codes

Special locations:

/moon # Moon phase (add ,+US or ,+France for these


?m # metric (SI) (used by default everywhere
except US)
?u # USCS (used by default in US)

Special URLs:

/:help # show this page

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