Don’t be Afraid of The Command Line Interface It is Not as Scary as You May Think

GNU/Linux is home to many varieties ranging from Ubuntu to Linux Mint, Xubuntu to Kubuntu, the list goes on. Despite having an endless list of flavours, Linux-based operating systems all share nearly similar commands which users can utilise using the command line interface.

Linux, like almost every operating system sports GUIs (Graphical user interfaces) which permits users to do things like drag and drop items, copy and paste etc.

As Linux is a flavour of UNIX and the traditional UNIX environment is based on the Command Line Interface (CLI) where users can type in a line of command to tell the computer what they want it to do, that right there seems to be the boogeyman that scares away non-Linux users from the operating system because one has to know what exactly the command does before typing it in.


Linux Kernel
For someone who is new with commands, having to use it might feel like you are filling out an application written in gibberish. Imagine a command with the following:

sudo holycrap -drilaholesomewhere/ blah_blah -w -t -h –long-switch aWkward/ComBinationOf/mixedCase/underscores_strokes/and.dots

You might think that is some kind of an intercepted transmission by Aliens preparing to invade the planet but the truth is, command lines are a simple and convenient way of telling a Linux-based computer what you want it to do.

It’s easy and very convenient, especially if you want to get stuff done pretty fast.

Ubuntu command Line

I know right now you must be thinking “Did I just hear him say easy? Just look at those writings, they look like a rocket scientist just copied and pasted his log book in the terminal”, trust me I got the same feeling too when I tried out my first command which was a simple one actually, sudo apt-get something ..can’t remember exactly what it was but I sure did freak out a bit when I typed in my password and was confronted with a bunch of words, underscores, dashes and full stops.

The truth is, you get a lot of things done if you know what adds to sudo … And believe you me when I say this, you don’t need to memorize the whole catalog of Linux command lines to actually get to use Linux — even the so-called “power-users” usually just copy and paste the thing from somewhere into the terminal — but you can get around getting stuff done by knowing few of them (don’t chicken out I mean the basic ones) and they are pretty short and easy to remember.

Ubuntu command Line
The whole process is easy — yes! I am saying it again — just get yourself running Ubuntu, and here are a bunch of shortcuts to get you doing things really fast.

Follow this link to the Ubuntu wiki website and familiarize yourself with few of the basic commands you think you suit your daily PC needs and then you’re set.

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Lamin Kanteh
Lamin loves smartphones and was introduced to the world of mobile devices with Android. Ubuntu is new to him, but he is enjoying writing about it so far.