Firefox First to Snap up The Chance to Use Snappy on Ubuntu

Today is the day that all Ubuntu user have been waiting for as it is the arrival day of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus.
Canonical’s new operating system promises a lot features among them is the arrival snappy which will potentially allow some Ubuntu apps and packages to be installed in a Snap format (provided they adopt it..this however, doesn’t mean it will phase Deb package management out. previously only seen on the Snappy Ubuntu Core OS on embedded devices and Internet of Things (IoT).
With reports coming from the tech firm today, it would seem Mozilla would be the first to try out its hand with Snaps after the two companies renewed their long-term partnership that dates back to almost a decade.


Firefox has been the default browser for all Ubuntu releases, with the announcement today, it appears that the two companies are looking to keep momentum and Mozilla is looking to be first to serve its well-known web browser in a snap package.

“Today, Mozilla and Canonical are renewing their partnership to make Firefox the default browser for Ubuntu users. We are proud to have been a partner of choice for Ubuntu for over a decade. Canonical and Mozilla share a similar heritage as open-source and community-supported organisations.”said Nick Nguyen, who is the vice president of Firefox Product over at Mozilla.
During recent times, Canonical always tries to offer the latest version of the Firefox web browser to its users as soon as it can which usually takes about 1-3 days after the software is made available in the upstream.
With Firefox being distributed in snap format, it would mean Ubuntu users can gain access to the latest update of the Web browser in a 0-day format.

“Like our rapid engineering release cycle, the snap format will allow us to provide Linux users with the most up-to-date features, in particular, security patches, even after major Operating System ship dates.With the snap format, new features can be released to users of older OS versions too,” added Nick Nguyen.
Mozilla promises that its browser will be available snap format later this year but that doesn’t mean that both the 32 and 64-bit binaries won’t be available as well. The company said all will continue to be made available in the usual .deb package format letting users decide with one they prefer.

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