How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is based off Linux and the default browser you are presented with when you freshly installed the operating is Firefox. The partnership between Mozilla and Canonical have been around for a decade and with the news yesterday, it will continue even longer.
If you are like me and prefer Chrome over all browsers because of the ways I can get a lot of things done quickly and efficiently.

Looking to get Google Chrome installed in your Ubuntu runned system? Follow these simple steps.
First you need to know that there are two modes of installation and both of them work just fine.
You use the terminal version if you like and enjoy typing in commands. Open a terminal then type or just copy this and paste it:
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb
This will get you the 32-bit version of the Chrome browser, but remember that Google seized support for this variant so you might be advised to get 64-bit which you can simply do by changing the i386 to amd64.
You can also download Google Chrome from this link.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Once download is initiated and complete, you should get Google Chrome .deb file in your default download directory.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu
Double click of the .deb file which should fire up the Ubuntu Software Center. It will prompt you a question asking if you want to install, answer “Yes” and the installation process will begin.
You will be asked to you put in your password, enter and authenticate.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu
When the installation is done, Google Chrome will be installed on your system.

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