How to Turn Off Automatic Updates on Ubuntu

Though it is never recommended, turning off automatic updates on Ubuntu can be a lifesaver for someone. Thereare so many reasons why it is good for some to have the autonomous update turned off.

These updates can sometimes eat through your data like when you eat cotton candy. There are also those situations where you just don’t want to update, reasons could be that you are a bit edgy about something going wrong with a kernel, PPA, or even an app update, — possibly wanting to wait till you can get more and better feedback from people that have actually use it.


And there are just those people that are just curious to see what is actually being downloaded and installed on their computers so rather than let the OS handles the updates autonomously, they prefer doing it themselves.
There are advantages to having the updates taken care of by yourself, you can use down extensively on both bandwidth and data consumptions.
Disabling automatic updates on Ubuntu is quite simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Head over to the Unity Dash
Then look for ‘Software & Updates’
Click on the ‘Updates’ tab.Change the option ‘Automatically check for updates’ from ‘Daily’ to ‘Never‘.

Changing this setting will stop your computer from automatically checking for any new system or security updates but does not mean you can’t do it manually because like it or not updates are important.
If you are not bothered by having the system pop out every time there is a new update, then you should enable that feature in the update setting settings rather than having it disabled completely That way you can know when updates are available and whether they are worth downloading or not.

There is also the terminal alternative if you find pop-ups annoying, you can use the command “sudo apt-get update” to manually check for updates or “apt-mark hold” for packages you don’t want to update.

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