5 Best Ubuntu Web Browsers You Can Download Today

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus was released yesterday after six months of development by Canonical. The new operating system is expected to to essentially help change the way people view Ubuntu.
If you are using Ubuntu and wondering which web browser is well suited for your needs, here are the top we have picked for you, each providing unique set features.

#1. Firefox

Mozilla and Canonical have renewed their long-lasting partnership which is expected to continue for as long as possible. The software company’s well-known lightweight web browser is convenient and very easy to use.
Firefox comes with top of the line security features like disallowing pop-up advertising windows and additional kicks that will allow users to get the most out of the web.
Users can open multiple tabs within the same window making it easier to visit numerous websites without the need to have several windows open. This does not only make Firefox easy to use but also highly customizable. You can tune the web-surfing experience to your taste and have it easily integrate into your workflow.


#2. Google Chrome

One of the widely used web browsers around, Google Chrome provides both delightful performance and a large host of functions that makes using the internet and staying on top of things simple and easy. You can add a large number of extensions to add flexibility and functionality to the web browser. Out of the

Out of the box, it comes with the latest version of the flash plugin; it seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account, Google drive cloud storage, online documents and a lot more.


#3. Chromium

Chromium is an open-source direct clone of the Google Chrome web browser. They both share the same source code and many other features.
Chromium web browser is lightweight and extremely fast. Users can get a lot of things done without worrying about lag and system resource consumption plus you get everything available in Chrome on here too.


#4. Links

Links a free and open source web browser that is available in both graphical and text formats. The browser is capable of rendering complex elements and also supports HTML 4.0.
Links was previously intended for users who like plain browsers with little or no interactable elements in the UI. It also enables users to browser both in the console and inside the terminal.


#5. Opera

Opera web browser is developed and maintained by Opera software and it is easily one of the leading web browsers in the world. With over 350 million active users, It has become a fan favorite among a lot of Linux users. The web browser gained a lot of praise because of its dialed down method of bandwidth consumption.

It sports an endless list of features including an integrated ad blocker with future plans for features like VPN and video pop out.
Opera gives users access to a long list of extensions aimed at improving both functionality and user experience.




And that concludes our list of the best browsers available on Linux. Do you have a favorite that we failed to include in the article? Let us know it in the comments below.

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