Linux Kernel 4.6 is Edging Closer to a Final Release Date

Things are stacking up rather nicely for the upcoming Linux Kernel version 4.6. Linus Torvalds announced today that he is really happy with the way things are progressing with the much larger release candidate 5, citing that the results are so good that Kernel 4.6 might be one of those releases that never will require RC7.

In the announcement, he states “Things continue to be fairly calm: rc5 is bigger than rc4 was, but rc4 really was tiny.

And while we’re back to fairly normal commit counts for this time in the release window, the kinds of bugs people are finding remain very low grade: there’s absolutely nothing scary in here. If things continue this way, this might be one of those rare releases that don’t even get to rc7. At least that’s how it feels now, although to be honest I suspect that even if things continue this calm I’d do the normal rc7 just because there’s no particular hurry or reason not to”


This great news for those eagerly anticipating the launch of Kernel 4.6 as it means it will get here quicker than expected.

He then added that “Anyway, the bulk of the changes are to drivers as usual (at about 60%- ethernet drivers stand out in the diffstat, but it’s pretty spread out), with networking and tooling being most of the rest. There’s a smattering of other small changes, and you can get a feel for the details by skimming the appended short log. Go out and test. It all looks very safe”

Linux Kernel

With little issues with the progress report and few bug fixes to deal with, Mr Torvalds urged testers to take the Kernel out for a the spin but be warned., users should never replace the stable kernel that comes preloaded with their operating systems with the unfinished Kernel.

Kernel 4.6 is expected to reach its final phase around mid-May that is if Linus Torvalds decides to follow the life circle of RC releases to the letter.

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