Ubuntu’s Sibling Lubuntu Upgraded to Version 16.04 Xenial Xerus

Lubuntu is a light weight, less resource hungry version of Ubuntu. Based on the LX Desktop environment, the operating system is optimized for devices that offers less punch than the mainstream top notch PCs. Lubuntu low energy requirements and its ability to work smoothly with light weight applications, makes a great choice for those with less powerful machines like the Raspberry Pi single board computers.

With the release of Canonical’s long awaited Ubuntu 16.04 LTS codenamed Xenial Xerus, it was a only a matter of time before the operating system’s siblings follow suit.


The new variant of the OS which has been updated to version 16.04 has brought in new features like multiple improvements to the LXDE components, upgraded artwork to both the desktop themes and icon sets, and even added support for PowerPC Mac computers.

Lubuntu project maintainer Mr Rafael Laguna said in an announcement that, “The Raspberry Pi2 version of Lubuntu has been updated, of course, to Xenial Xerus 16.04 too. Now it’s available at the downloads section. Grab it while it’s hot!”


Lubuntu like Ubuntu is also a LTS (Long Term Support release) meaning Canonical will continue to support the operating system for the three years with patches and security updates.

Already the new release features additional components including Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS, Glibc 2.23, OpenSSH 7.2p2,Python 3.5, GCC 5.3 and so much more all of which are optimize for both low spec computers and single board devices.

The ported version of the Lubuntu for Raspberry Pi 2 computers has been created by Martin Wimpress using the Ubuntu Pi flavor maker tool from the Ubuntu Mate project.

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