Canonical Releases a “Do it Yourself” Article on How to Use the Ubuntu-Powered M10

After some delays in delivering, the first tablet to feature Canonical’s “Convergence” being the much talked about BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition has begun shipping and already users has begun crowding mailing list and online forums asking all sorts of questions how to use the first Ubuntu tablet.

The launch of the first Ubuntu tablet marks Canonical’s first step as both the company and its users began their journey to venture into the unknown with tablet featuring as a mobile device on it’s on or have a keyboard and mouse connected to it and you will have yourself a full blown Ubuntu desktop with everything from apps to UI optimized for a full desktop experience.

Canonical put all its bet on the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition and it looks like it was a very smart move as more and more people rush to get their hands on the device which comes in two variants and priced accordingly.

“With the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet seeping into the hands of many and questions asked around how the tablet has the ability to take on various modes – we thought we’d create a DIY one-pager that shows you how versatile the tablet truly is! Check out the guide below to follow the steps,” said Amrisha Prashar, marketing and social media manager, Canonical.

One of the biggest selling points of the device is its ability to and transform and slip into different modes without sacrificing any aspects of the user’s experience.


The company released a DIY (Do it yourself) single page article to show users how they can transform their Ubuntu Touch powered device into five different modes with each giving users exceptional experiences depending on the mode they prefer.
Like previously mentioned, the tablet comes in two flavors with one featuring an FHD display and selling for $289.90 while the other only has an HD display and sells for $249.90. Both devices can be purchased at the BQ online store.

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