Mark Shuttleworth’s Keynote During The Openstack Summit 2016 Currently Ongoing in Austin Texas

Openstack is free and open source cloud-based software exclusively geared towards cloud computing. Previously an in-house project between Rackspace and the American Space Agency (NASA), it is now maintained by a large non-profit corporate entity comprising of up to 500 well established software firms.
These companies converge every six months on a time-based release cycle where development session are planned and release milestones are facilitated. The Openstack 2016 summit is currently underway in Austin Texas US where Canonical’s founder Mark Shuttleworth is attending to talk about the latest software developments and the agenda is Ubuntu, Big Data, and Linux One.

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The annual five day conference draws in app developers, Openstack contributors, IT leaders, Cloud administrators, and even telco operators, where the next phase of the Openstack cloud computing platform is discussed including the release of the newest variant of the program.

Ubuntu 16.04 has paved the way for Canonical to penetrate the software market even deeper with Canonical’s founder pointing out that the company’s cloud-based program called Juju has been deployed in Openstack more times than rivals like Chef, Salt, or PackStack, Autopilot.

Mark Shuttleworth used his keynote entitled “Carrier-grade architecture with public cloud economics,” to not only pemphasizedrything Ubuntu but emphasised that the Canonical’s Openstack software sports an easy to use automated tool which allows administrators of large data centre enough room to deploy and manage their data infrastructure.

Canonical founder also made mentioned of the LXD pure-container that came with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus.
Ubuntu continues to perform well in the Openstack community being the most adopted platform and as the Canonical founder pointed out, there is a growing interest its software-defined storage capabilities from Teleco officials and NFV vendors.

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