Open Source Chromium OS Now Zapped Down For SBCs

The Chromium Project has been the garden from which innovative softwares like Chromium OS, Chromium browser were derived from. Google’s Chrome OS itself earns its roots from the Chromium project as it shares the same source code with Chromium OS of which it is derived from.

Chromium operating system and Google Chrome OS share distinctive similarities with both utilizing the Chromium and Chrome browsers as their default user interfaces respectively.
As a result, both operating systems predominantly support web and cloud applications.


The project members were extensively working a new version of the Chromium operating system that is skinned down to work exclusively on small single board PCs like the Raspberry Pi.
Most part of the software is still a work in progress and there are only two supported devices at the moment which are the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the released version of the software doesn’t support the onboard WiFi and Bluetooth meaning users will have to contend with external adapters to be able to complete tasks that require some sort of untethered connections — and not all adapters are supported either.


Currently, Video streaming websites like Netflix are also not supported as well as HTML 5 videos. The aim of the project is to have the OS work on any single board computer possibly giving users the ability to even turn one of the tiny PCs into Chromebooks.
Installation of the OS is simple with only the difficult bit being writing the downloaded image on the SD card. Those interested in trying out the OS can follow this link for a step by step instruction on how to download, install and use the OS.

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