Portable Compute Stick With Ubuntu 14.04 Currently on Sale For $70

The evolution of the PC has gradually taken shape, beginning with ginormous mainframe computers — that literally takes up an entire room — to today’s desktop PC. As computers become non-exclusive to huge corporations and slowly become adopted in homes and small business, huge design modifications were needed to be made to incorporate the different needs of different categories of people at different levels of society.

Today, computers can be fitted into everything, from cell phones to laptops, even watches now perform their own computing tasks.

Ubuntu Compute Stick

Intel is one of the largest patrons in the portable computer market. The company first introduced its Compute Stick line of small computers not long ago which only requires being plugged into an HDMI port of any external monitor to become a full blown PC.

The first generation Compute sticks from Intel ran on the company’s own low-end Cherry Trail processors and offered with either Windows 10 pre-installed or just plain allowing users to load it up with any other operating system.

Ubuntu Compute Stick
Intel did later upgrade the aforementioned line of portable computers with better processors and additional features, buyers will need to shell out at least over $100 to get their hands on one.
There is an Ubuntu variant of these small computers currently on sale on  Aliexpress from Chinese computer OEM called Melee. The Chinese OEM best known for releasing small Windows and Android PCs added some really nice features to their PCG02U fanless computer like an adjustable antenna and also a 10/100 Ethernet Jack allowing users to connect to a network using an ethernet cable.

Ubuntu Compute Stick
Additionally, the portable compute stick comes with 32GB of eMMC storage, SD card slot, HDMI connector, 2GB of RAM and it is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail Processor that features four CPU cores. Priced at $70, the compute stick offers users Ubuntu 14.04 out of the box.

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