uNav 0.59 Now Available For Ubuntu Touch Owners

Ubuntu phones are in for another treat as Nekhelesh Ramanathan, one of the developers of the uNav app, — which happens to be the default GPS navigation app for the Ubuntu Touch operating system, just announced the release of an upgraded version at 0.59.

Having the theme “Beauty and the beast” we see this new app coming in with cool new features some of which include a brand-new structural reformation, favorites or coordinates directly from the menubar and a search engine where users can look up a location.

The dev seems pretty impressed and confident with this new update as he refers to it as one of the biggest they have pushed out. We also expect this app to be better than the previous as it was tested by different users in its development stage to squash as  many bugs as they could before they released it out to the public.

Also included is a refreshed user interface which brings in new and livelier colors to the menubar and they have also managed to make the zoom buttons much more visible so you can see them clearer on the map’s background. You can get the uNav 0.59 from the Ubuntu store as it is currently available for all supported Ubuntu Touch powered devices.

Reverse geocode

The fun doesn’t stop there as you this app includes features that let show more information about a POIs and ability to get more information if the chosen location is a Point Of Interest. The app also has better improvements to its long-pressing feature wherein you can get an address by long-pressing any part of the map.

If you have been waiting to see the pinch-to-zoom feature that Google Maps on Android has then you’ll be glad to know that it’s also made its way to uNav 0.59.

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