Elementary OS Version 0.4 (Loki) First Beta Build Nearing Release

With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus already out the door and Canonical shifting focus on the next build revealed to be called Yakkety Yak and expected to be released later this year.

As expected, derivatives of Ubuntu are following suit with releases of their own operating systems with Xenial Xerus as base.

Elementary OS is one of the many Linux distributions that are immersively based off Ubuntu and the developers use it as the main stage to introduce the Pantheon desktop environment.

The rest of the team behind the operating system aim to refine the edgy sides of the perceived dependencies that haunts the established and well-known desktop environments which includes improved global aesthetics by streaming the user interface, forgo the need to constantly use the command line as well as reducing software dependency by having core apps written in Vala or C.

Elementary Operating system

Such structure choices were a way to set Elementary operating system apart from the mainstream GNU/Linux distributions because rather than giving users a large room to be able to fully customize their OS, Elementary Operating system focuses more on giving users an off the bat sort of usability by doing most of the heavy lifting.

Elementary Operating system already has three major releases under its belt with talk of a fourth in works. This makes it a worthy derivative of Ubuntu and after the launch of Xenial Xerus, many were eagerly awaiting news of an Elementary OS follow up.

Elementary Ubuntu

Project founder, Denial Fore has this to say “Currently, elementary OS releases are built using the Ubuntu package repositories. At the beginning of the cycle, we choose a target repo to work from.

For Loki, that repo is Ubuntu 16.04. We set up a daily repo where we build our source code against that Ubuntu repo. Sometimes things build straight away and sometimes builds fail because of things like the API breaks. We find the causes of the build failures and update our source code until everything compiles”

The next build of the operating system is codenamed “Loki” which is version 0.4 of Elementary OS and it is unclear as to what features it will come packed with, speculation pointed to better HiDPI support — which wasn’t very good in the previous released named “Freya” —  and will also integrating the Birdie Twitter client.

The date for the final release is still up in the air as the team hasn’t revealed any information regards to it but with the first Beta build nearing completion, we expect it to be quite soon.

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