Cinnamon 3.0 Has Been Released With Only a Handful of Features

Cinnamon is the default desktop environment of Linux Mint, originally based on the GNOME shell being used as a mere graphical shell, it later evolved into a standalone desktop albeit still has components of the GNOME technologies present within it.

A wider adoption followed with the desktop environment featured alongside operating systems other than Linux Mint.

The maintainers of the DE have launched another released setting the pace for the upcoming Linux 18 which will be a derivative of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus. There isn’t much information to go on as what features Linux Mint 18 which is codenamed Sarah will ship with, only that it will have its own set of apps.

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Cinnamon 3.0 includes the following features:

  • Window management improvements on tiling, mapping and unmapping windows, compositor’s window groups and tracking of full-screen windows
  • Improved out of the box touchpad support (edge-scrolling and two-finger-scrolling can now be configured independently and are both enabled by default)
  • New accessibility and sound settings (both rewritten as native cinnamon-settings modules)
  • Battery powered devices can be renamed
  • Different favorite applications can now be set for plain-text, documents and source code
  • Panel launchers now include application actions
  • Animation effects are now enabled by default on dialogues and menus
  • Favorites and system options can now be disabled in the menu applet
  • The photo-frame desklet now also scans subdirectories
  • Improved support for GTK 3.20, Spotify 0.27, Viber

Compared to previous releases, version 3.0 isn’t all that huge when it comes to what it has brought to the table. The reason for this might be that it is a basis for the impending launch of Linux 18 “Sarah”.

Questions have been raised as to whether Cinnamon will soon support Wayland but it has been pointed out by developers behind the DE that Wayland isn’t listed as a priority at the moment.

Though progress of the display server is being monitored on other distributions and feedback is being gauged to see if it fits the direction in which Cinnamon is heading.

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