Developers Behind the GNOME Builder Software Has Updated The Program To Version 3.20.2

GNOME builder is a general purpose crowdfunded integrated development environment that is specifically engineered to make the creation of software easy. The software is centered around those that are interested in developing GNOME Apps as it has integrated access to the GNOME Devhelp services.
Developers behind the software have been extensively working to add app building capabilities through both OpenBSD and FreeBSD operating system. With the release of GNOME Builder version 3.20.2 which turns out to be the second stable release associated with the GNOME desktop environment. The new upgrades feature a long list of changes including fixes for all the bugs reported in the previous version of the software.

GNOME Builder 3.16.2
Additionally, the new release gives app developers the ability to select templates during project creation, support for LLVM 3.8, VIM movements have also been improved including giving users the ability to move renamed files from their current directory to another directory and much more. The developers also added support for the Vala plugin which extracts pkg command line arguments from

The developers also added support for the Vala plugin which extracts pkg command line arguments from autotool projects, something not possible in previous installments.
Here is a rundown of all the additional features added to the new release • You can now select templates when creating a project, including C, C++, and Vala languages.

GNOME builder

• The Vala plugin now extracts –pkg command line arguments from autotools projects.
• Various bug fixes to preferences and gsettings.
• Much more of the builder is translatable now.
• Build for FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
• Fixes to vim movements.
• Many performance improvements to the editor.
• Support for LLVM 3.8.
• Fixes for ctrl+click on included headers to jump to the header.
• Fix for an infinite loop in worker thread when cloning from unauthorised git repositories.
• Builder removes unnecessary widgets after starting up, lowering the runtime overhead of the workbench.
• You can move rename files outside their current directory.
• Fixes for shorthand git URLs such as user@host:path.
• The global file search now handles renames and deletes of project files.
• The project window now includes the title of the project to help when multiple projects are open in GNOME Shell’s overview.
• Some projects that could not be removed from the greeter can now be removed.

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