Fairphone Users WIll be Able to Install Just About any OS on Their Smartphone

The dutch company behind the Fairphone initiative created a huge amount of buzz when they launched their crowdfunding campaign for the smartphone not so long ago.
The handset features a modular design essentially giving users the ability to easily upgrade and change parts of the phone without the intervention of a certified hardware technician. Additionally, the company continuously maintained that all minerals involved in the manufacture of the device were from ethical sources and they try to avoid conflict minerals as much as humanly possible.

All Fairphones are shipped with unlockable bootloaders meaning users can replace the software that comes preinstalled with the smartphone .

Already, there is a community working on porting Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system to the device though still in its Alpha stage of development. The dutch company has set forth plans for those that are presently looking for a placement operating system with the introduction the Fairphone Open-Source OS.

The aforementioned operating system is very similar to the one already featured on the phone. Based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, the OS is refined to give users access to everything from surfing the web to making calls as well as the ability to run third-party software. There are also some interesting Fairphone specific features like the Edge swipe, the all familiar homescreen and a recent revamped contact icon.

The downside is that the Fairphone Open Source operating system doesn’t come preloaded with Google’s Mobile services like Play Store, YouTube, Gmail and the likes.

There is a Play Store alternative called the F-Droid that you can download and install including GMS which allows you to use the Fairphone open-source operating system without revoking your access to Google Apps and services.

Fairphone developers made available the source code for inspections giving technical savvy users access to the inner workings of the operating system as well as allowing them to edit and modify the code.
Those that do not prefer any Android related operating system can opt to install the Community built Linux-Based Sailfish Operating system which performs flawlessly on the Fairphone.

To install the Fairphone Open-source operating, follow this simple guide.

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