Ubuntu Installation Images Expected to Increase in Size

With Canonical’s ever extending tentacles, developers behind the operating system are trying to put together ways to increase the size cap for the Ubuntu operating and its official derivatives.

There are already talks of one of these flavours increasing its data size to that of a full DVD (4.7GB). The reasons for the said increase still holds a hot debate with many wondering if Canonical has decided to stack up the amount of bloat in the installation images or just looking for ways to provide additional software prepacked with the ISO giving users a wide range of applications right out of the box.

Interestingly enough, Canonical has been quietly and slowly breezing past its installation size cap of 1GB with the recent iterations of the Ubuntu operating system as the current 16.04 LTS introduction slightly hit pass the limit at 1,4GB while other flavours accommodate a much larger image size.

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This trend of increasing installation image sizes could be a huge annoyance for those with slow internet connections but as Steve Langasek explained, developers also are a bit bugged by the whole increasing issue.
“We’ve gone past the end of that and daily images have been reporting as “oversized” for quite a while now. This generates daily emails to members of the release team and cdimage team, which then basically are seeing no follow-up because we know nobody cares about these limits but no one has set new ones.”

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He further explained that, “I’ve finally gone ahead and bumped the limit on Ubuntu desktop images, shortly before Xenial’s release, to 2GB for a minimally-sized USB sticks.

It should be noted that although the image size of the next Ubuntu release being the 16.10 Yakkety Yak is being increased to 2GB,it doesn’t necessarily mean that the image installation image itself fills up all that space. Additionally, free space is added to give developers added working space and not a means to add bloat.

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