You Can Now Search, Install and Remove Snap Apps Through the Software Center

When Canonical released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to the public, the company used the opportunity to showcase its new Snappy app package manager and a brand new Software Center. Launching Snap with an LTS was a huge step for the company but a risky one because as much as  Snap is convenient, it is untested on a desktop operating system.
The newly launched operating system based on the GNOME desktop environment was on the receiving end of a very important update as the software center now allows users to download, install and remove snap apps.

Previously, Snap apps could only be downloaded and installed through the terminal but with the first point update for the GNOME variant of the operating system, there are still some rough edges that need to be smoothened.

Even after the said update, there are still a few tweaks needed before it can become a fully functional app getter because right now it doesn’t show all apps in Snap and only reveal those that have GUIs. There is also the issue of being asked to sign in first with your Ubuntu One Account before any app can be installed which is a bit odd, to say the least.


There is also always this problem of Snaps becoming a maintenance nightmare for app developers like in a situation where a vulnerability is found in of one of the packages and whether it can quickly be updated to avoid less damage because shared libraries that are maintained by distribution maintainers tend to sport better security than those managed by a single person or company as they might not have time to keep up with the bug fixes and they might eventually end up abandoning the project altogether.

When it comes to security, the biggest strength of  the Linux community is when aspects of that are handled by many ,as libraries are shared and the matter of security is in the hands of many rather individual package managers.

To see a list of Snaps available to install you run:

sudo snap find

To install a Snap app you run:

sudo snap install name-of-app

And to install an update to an already installed Snap app:

sudo snap refresh name-of-app

Apps distributed in the new format are listed alongside apps from the regular repositories.

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