Canonical Has Launched Its UOS Giving us a Glimpse of What to Expect in The Coming Months

With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus is partially out of the picture, attention is predominantly on the upcoming iteration of the Ubuntu operating system which is codenamed Yakkety Yak.
It was previously rumoured that the software firm might use Ubuntu Yakkety yak as a testing ground for the highly anticipated Unity 8 desktop environment and Mir server.
Unity 8 was first teased during the release of Ubuntu 14.04 but Canonical continues to drag its foot as each release that followed Trusty Tahr stuck with the tried and trusted Unity 7.

Canonical kicked off the Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) today and much of what to expect from the upcoming Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak — expected to be launched in the later part of this year — were discussed during the opening session of the event that also included a promotion for the already released Xenial Xerus.

During the event, Canonical did drop a few bombshells that might not go down very well with some Ubuntu enthusiasts as the company announced that it’s still not giving users Unity 8 and sticking with Unity 7 as its default desktop environment.

Additionally, users wishing to see the Mir server implemented in Ubuntu 16.10 were also left disappointed as the company decided not risk a lot with the next release much of it is down to the fact that Yakkety Yak will be based on a short-term support.


The company reaffirmed that huge focus will be given to both Unity 8 and Mir Server with additional attention given to multi-monitor handling, managing multiple windows in ‘desktop’ mode, and enabling copy and paste support i, XMir apps also targeted.

Here is the roadmap of the Ubuntu 16.10 development circle:

  • Porting Ubuntu UI Toolkit from QML to C++
  • Polishing the ‘converged’ desktop experience
  • Begin integration of Vulkan/Khronos driver support in Mir
  • Improved Snap experience in Ubuntu Software
  • Bringing Global Menu support to XApps on Unity 8.

Expect additional information as the Ubuntu Online summit wears on.

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